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Enter Business FAQ

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Enter's mission is to keep people out of collections while enabling businesses to intelligently and compassionately recover past-due revenue.

Enter uses powerful machine learning to understand each customer's demographics, geographics and psychographics to facilitate intelligent and compassionate communication techniques which guide the customer to payment. Enter's effortless mobile wallet billing provides customers convenience of using any payment method and flexibility of automated payment plans.

Using Enter, frees the business from having to hound their customers AND saves the business from having to use predatory collection agents. Businesses who use Enter are more likely to retain their customer relationship, which helps increase customer lifetime value and reduces future customer re-acquisition costs.

Becasue of Enter's efficient, automated service, we are able to charge a fraction of what traditional Collection Agencies cost with dramatically better results. Click here to see Enter's simple, transparent pricing with no upfront cost.

Today, over $150B annually go to collections and over 77M Americans have a bill in collections. Enter's mission is to keep consumers out of collections by helping businesses intelligently capture more of their revenue.
5 Easy Steps to Get Started in Under 10 Minutes
1. Go to and click “Get Started for Free” and sign up.
2. Fill out the Enter application with your business's information. Click “Add a bank account.” Enter deposits money every business day.
3. Link your Debit Card or Bank Account for daily deposits.
4. Click “Collect” on the side bar, then click bulk upload. This allows you to upload a spreadsheet (.csv) of your past-due bills to Enter.
5. Enter now gets to work. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the money come in
When do my funds arrive?
Enter deposits your funds every business day. Once you've linked up your bank account or your debit card, the revenue the Enter has recovered will be deposited less our fee.

How do I link a bank account?
You can either link a bank account or connect a debit card. To link a bank account, go to your dashboard and click "Link My Bank Account."
Now, you can either select to link a Bank Account or a Debit Card:
Once you've linked your Bank Account or Debit Card, you can easily upload a list of your past due accounts and recover your revenue.