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Accept all major payment methods: Enter accepts credit cards, debit cards and bank account payments.
Automated Payment Plans: Enter gives the flexibility to allow customers to create and pay with a payment plan.
Beautiful on Mobile and Web: Enter securely stores credit cards for fast conversions and easy future checkout.
Auto File Import and Organization: Enter analyzes, verifies and organizes your customer data. It will automatically gather and populate additional social, contact and physical address data.
Machine Learning Communication Engine: Enter automates your messaging, emails and communication to your customers using proprietary tone, message and timing intelligence.
Automated Consumer Receipts and Warnings: Enter believes in transparency through communication.
Business Dashboard: Organize transactions, customers and disputes. Easily upload any file to begin account collection.
Disputes: Manage all of your disputes in your dashboard. When customers have questions about a bill, respond right from your Enter dashboard.
Transparent Settlements Schedule: Your funds are deposited on a rolling 2 business day basis.
Beautiful Consumer Dashboard: Enter's consumer wallet is powerful and easy to use on mobile and web.
Customer Wallet: Customers can securely store and manage their payment data alongside transactions and payment plans.
Bill-Dispute Center: Enter's dispute resolution portal enables consumers to directly message businesses to dispute bills.
Secure Data: Enter practices industry leading encryption and data management practices.
TCPA Compliant: Enter's platform allows businesses to compliantly communicate with opted in customers while adhering strictly to revocation requests.
HIPAA Compliant: Data storage, employee practices, business association agreements are all up to standards.